Womens Luxury Weave Plush Robes

Tisseron Bathrobes presents our luxurious plush bathrobes for Women. Our ‘Waves’ Women's bathrobes are made from 100% Organic Turkish Cotton with absorbent double looped terrycloth on the inside and outside. this style is not velour. Tisseron ‘Waves’ Womens plush robes feature shawl collars and vertical pockets and make the perfect all-occasion gifts for women.

These Women's plush robes are offered in several colors to accommodate any taste and all luxury bathrobes for Women are preshrunk for precise and consistent fitting. Browse our selection of Women's plush bathrobes from Tisseron and if you need friendly assistance just call 1-877-589-7623.

These Womens plush bathrobes make a great gift for any woman. Women generally expect the usual gifts of chocolates, flowers,but why not make it a practical, luxurious bathrobe from Tisseron.

With a variety of different plush robes that you can choose from, you are going to discover that there are plush bathrobes for just about any woman. Whether she prefers something that will keep her warm in the winter or something to wear over her bathing suit, we have just the thing.

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