Customer Testimonials

I have never seen bathrobes like these anywhere, and I have been looking for a while for something different than the same old hotel robes, amazing selection and quality, worth the price, the green color is gorgeous.

Michelle - Atlanta, GA Purchased 1 Lapel bathrobe

I was so happy to receive the robe, but it was a little big for me. My husband loved it and claimed it before I could return it, I'll be ordering my own soon!

Kayla - Hartford, CT Purchased 1 Waves bathrobe

Loved my robes - really stylish, I wished you wholesaled so I could sell them in my linen store.

Alejandro - Los Angeles, CA Purchased 1 Ribbed bathrobe and 2 Lightweight Velour bathrobes

I not only was impressed with your service, but all the women in my life loved the bathrobes. They are a guy's dream gift. One stop shopping. No one's feelings get hurt. Buy one for everyone. They'll never see another woman outside of their own house wearing one........we hope.....

Paul - San Francisco, CA purchased 5 Ribbed bathrobes

I had previously a microfleece robe, it didn't breathe, and saw your organic cotton which I can now tell you is much more comfortable, so soft which is important to me, the lightweight is really great for my climate. Love them.

Katherine - Houston, TX Purchased 2 Lightweight Velour bathrobes

We purchased these to outfit our yacht, these are perfect for lounging on board, we use them at the pool too, thanks for looking after the monogramming the name of our yacht on them.

Ari - Miami, FL Purchased 6 Lightweight Pique bathrobes

My husband thought the black robe made him look too 'Hefner', but I made him keep it and now he loves it!

Roberta - Oklahoma City, OK Purchased 1 Ribbed bathrobe

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