Luxury Bathrobes Online

Not available in retail stores, but only exclusively from this online boutique, Tisseron Design offers the world's only collection of designer bathrobes. These European style luxury spa robes are available in a wide selection of designer colors and weights for both women and men. So whether you choose a heavy weight robe or opt for a lighter weight robe, Tisseron makes women's bath robes and men's bath robes in various weights. These different weights make our robes perfect for any season and any climate whether they be extremely hot or extremely cold.

Our entire collection of robes are exquisitely designed and crafted with 100% organic Turkish cotton. These robes are appropriate for wear by the pool, on the beach, on the boat, lounging around your home, and of course in your bathroom.

A Guide to Find the Best Luxury Bathrobes as a Gift

Tisseron luxury bathrobes represent a gift of impeccable taste, style, and comfort. When you purchase one of our robes, you are treating your loved ones, friends, family, or yourself, to a very special gift. These arrive at your front door in our own premium gift box. Your recipient will immediately be taken by the luxurious features including vertical slimline pockets, sculptured terry velour, and elegant trim.

In our mission to offer the finest robes available, we designed our Tisseron luxury spa robes with attention to detail with European styling. These details create bath robes that are far superior to the typical terry robes that spas or five-star hotels normally provide.

Tisseron makes luxury spa robes from only of organic cotton. What is "organic cotton"? Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact upon the environment by maintaining soil fertility.

Overgrazing by cashmere producing goats has turned China's grassland prairies into dustbowls resulting in dust storms reaching California, an environmental disaster we will not be a part of, because our organic cotton bathrobes are far superior products and a more responsible consumer choice than cashmere robes.

Microfiber bathrobes and microfleece bathrobes are artificial plastic fibers that do not breathe, thus trapping bacteria. We offer only the luxury, comfort, and practicality of organic cotton bathrobes.

We all have been given gifts that we’ve had to pretend we liked. But when you give these luxurious robes as gifts, you can be sure that the recipient will love your gift. With a variety of styles that you can choose from, you will have no trouble at all finding the robe that is the perfect fit for anyone on your gift list.

Not sure which type of robe to buy for someone? Purchase lightweight luxury bathrobes for the travelers on your gift list and the heavier luxury bath robes for winter holiday gifts. Whatever types of luxury robes you give to people, you can be sure that they’ll truly be happy with their gifts.

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