Luxurious Spa Robes

You May Have to Share Your Robe!

I wrote previously on this blog about the very important discovery I had made about plush bathrobes. Not only are they the most luxurious and comfortable garments to wear yourself but certain other members of your household are likely to discover their benefits too and then you may have to share. I simply cannot put my robe down anywhere without one of my cats commandeering it as a bed and now I have a new problem and it is called Cookie.

I have three cats and they will always choose the softest and most comfortable place to while away the hours. Sadly for me that place is often my white zigzag weave robe pictured here. You may think that all I have to do is hang it up but that doesn’t help because they have worked out how to pull it down and how to open doors if I shut them! Not only do they fight for ownership of the bathrobe with me, they also battle with each other for supremacy over the robe and now we all have Cookie to contend with as well.

My son has recently acquired a new friend. She is an adorable bichon frise, an incredibly cute white pooch with beseeching eyes. Unfortunately Cookie’s gorgeous looks and small stature conceal a steely determination and stubbornness which has put her on a collision course with both me and the cats. It is bad enough that she steels their food and interrupts my writing but now she has discovered the bathrobe. We now have a five way fight over ownership of the robe and I keep losing!

I have to confess to using my partner’s men’s white zigzag weave robe as a diversion. If I make that available I have a fighting chance of some quality time in my own robe but with three cats and a dog all vying for position this usually results in both garments being requisitioned and me still out of luck. There is only one solution here – I am going to have to buy Tisseron bathrobes for the animals! This may sound extreme but when you have a son who buys them kebobs and a partner whom you have caught feeding them fillet steaks this is entirely normal behaviour!