Wonderfully Luxurious but Watch Out for the Cat!

You will love the luxurious feel of your new Tisseron monogrammed bathrobes so much that you probably won’t want to take them off and that could be a very good thing! The bathrobes may have your initials on them but that won’t stop a certain member of your household claiming your new garments for themselves.

Perfect monogrammed bathrobes are Feline Favorites

Over the years I have experimented extensively with every kind of cat bed known to man. I have invested in every conceivable design of kitty cradles and my little darlings have steadfastly refused to use all of them. They much prefer to use anything that I would rather they did not lie on like, for instance, my clothes. If I drop any garment on the floor they will instantly claim ownership and they just adore a pile of dirty washing. There are, however, some things that they will actually engage in open warfare to sleep on and those are the family monogrammed bathrobes.

Knowing cats as I do I am absolutely convinced that they are fully aware of the fact that items bearing initials belong to an individual and are specifically for their use, they just simply don’t care. In all probability they are conducting an elaborate plot to avenge a crime that I have allegedly committed like not giving them any of my fillet steak last night!

In spite of my rather aggressive outbursts when I discover a cat sleeping on one of the bathrobes, I can never stay angry for long. There is nothing more soft and comfortable than a Tisseron bathrobe and so I can’t really blame my furry friends for their exceptional taste. Just to add to my pain I have the Women’s White Zigzag Weave Robe pictured here. It is white as is one of my cats and so I don’t always notice when he is lying on it. Believe me cat hairs do not add to the comfort factor!

My Partner has the Men’s White Zigzag Weave Robe with Blue Braid Trim monogrammed in Blue. Slightly less camouflage for the cat but still a treasured place to sleep! I guess we will both just have to agree to share!