Finding the Right Ladies Bathrobes for the Hot Summer Months

In the wintertime there is no doubt that you will want to snuggle up in the thickest, warmest and softest Ladies bathrobes that you can get your hands on. Winter bathrobes are made with thick and warm fabric which warms you up during the chilly months and makes you feel cuddly and comfortable.

However, do you still want to be wearing the same thick and warm Ladies bathrobes during the hot and sticky months of summer? When the summertime comes and the temperatures are warm, you will likely find yourself too hot if you are wearing a very thick winter bathrobe. The robe won’t be comfortable if it makes you sweat and overheat, so perhaps it is time to look for an alternative summer bathrobe in a more lightweight fabric.

There are many different types of bathrobes out there, offering you plenty of choice when it comes to fabric. Warm and fuzzy winter bathrobes are usually made with thick cotton terry or velour, but these are much too heavy, warm and bulky for summertime. What type of fabric should you choose during the warm months?

Fabric Options for Summer Ladies Bathrobes

One option you could choose is silk or satin, as these lovely fabrics have a very soft and smooth feeling to them. They are very sensual to wear and they are perfect in the summer because they are nice and cool. Silk Ladies bathrobes will feel refreshing and light on your skin and you will feel glamorous and sexy. However, if you are looking for a robe that will absorb water and keep you dry, silk or satin will not work very well. These types of robes do not absorb water.

For more absorbent Ladies bathrobes you could try a cotton “pique” robe. This type of fabric is woven with cotton yarn and it contains several raised ridges that give it a nice texture and make it more absorbent. The weaving style of this fabric was created in the late 18th century by the Lancashire cotton industry in England as a way of imitating the Provencal quilts that were made in Marseille. The woven texture of the yarn soaks up moisture away from your skin and so this absorbent cotton fabric will help to you dry off after a bath or a shower. The “pique” fabric is very lightweight, so it will keep you warm in the summer time.

These are just a couple of options you could choose for lightweight and comfortable bathrobes during the hot summer months.

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