Women’s Bathrobes-So Soft She Will Want To Wear It All Day

In the bathrobe world there is soft, and then there is really soft. Depending on how she wears the robe, is important to determine. If she likes a housecoat that she wears over top of other clothes like pajamas, and is not touching her bare skin, then that is a different use than if she wears the bathrobe right over her skin while exiting the shower.

Softness in this case is really important. There are a wide choice of soft bathrobe fabrics, polyfleece is very soft, but a plastic fiber that does not absorb water, and cannot breathe, so it traps odors. The reason that cotton terry has been the fabric of choice for centuries, where it was invented in Turkey to service the bath culture there, is because it is soft, legendary for absorbency, it’s loops wicking the skin dry if you are wet. Now, consider velour. This is a  process whereby manufacturing the terry fabric with loops, on the one side a sharp blade cuts off the loops to make a velvety like touch for the outer part of the robe, but on the other side which is the inside of the robe the loops remain intact for the aforementioned absorbency. You get the best of both worlds. Look for 100% organic cotton terry velour bathrobes, and go online to find  retailers by typing keywords like ‘luxury womens bathrobes’ that offer a better selection than the department stores which typically stock up only 2 months before Christmas, and even then do not offer much is terms of choice or attractive designs.

When you find that perfect gift for her, for whatever occasion, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, she will be so pleased you did not buy the usual flowers or chocolates that don’t last long. The practicality of the soft de luxe bathrobes will last for years, and you might find that she won’t want to take it off. Everyone owns a bathrobe, women and men, but people that love their bathrobes and like to wear them longer than just after showering are content, and know how to handle stress in our fast paced society. Make her feel like the queen she is, have it embroidered with her initials for the final touch.

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