Why Are Bathrobes For Men Usually Boring?

Did you ever try to find really nice bathrobes for men and come up a little disappointed?  Were your expectations such that you hoped that you might find something a little better than what you have seen in the department store chains like Nordstrom, or Saks, or Macy’s? They offer the same thing, plaid flannel or lightweight with maybe some piping on the cuffs and shawl collar, or just the plain terry robe that sports a polo logo and hence is marked up as though that is some sign of distinction.

If you are looking at a gift for him on a special occasion, look further than the usual sources to find something that will impress him. There has to be someone out there that designed robes for men that offer some really contemporary colors, in some innovative weaves with some contrasting trims that would make a fellow feel like he is a runway model, even if it is only in the comfort of his own house. After all, it is not like the big name designers spend sleepless nights conjuring their creative energies to come up with a better looking bathrobe, they have other creations to concentrate on like garments that people will wear at work or leisure outside the house. So, the bathrobe gets ignored, until now.

The design revolution that has influenced every consumer  item imaginable has reached even bathrobes for men, and if you go online and type in men’s luxury bathrobes you will find retailers that are offer  exclusively bathrobes in wide choices that will satisfy even the most particular taste, look for 100% organic Turkish cotton terry velour robes with shawl collars, jacquard woven fabrics in multiple fabric weights from plush to lightweight, and you will see that not all retailers offer the boring old bathrobes for men like your dad used to wear, high fashion can be found in the unlikeliest places.

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