What To Look For in Robes For Women

When you are looking for robes for women, the personality you are buying for is a big consideration. If she likes the vampy sexy look, then a robe that is sheer or silky that shows off her statuesque profile is a good choice, this probably encroaches into  lingerie territory, and can be a choice that risks this being something that does not get used all that much once she receives it and tells you how much she loves it just so she does not hurt your feelings, as you thought it was a great buy that flattered her.

Balancing practicality with offering something that is a little more appealing than something granny would be happy with a tough equation. If you buy her a plain boring bathrobe than she would find at the spa where she gets her massages, the one with the waffle weave that gets washed every night and looks like a tea towel with sleeves, she will be underwhelmed at your choice. She will be thinking that either you are not too inventive, or you think she is going to be happy with something that does not show off her attributes.

But you can still find something that is practical and sexy, consider an organic cotton terry velour robe, really soft, can be worn right over top of bare skin, or over pajamas, but instead of the typical color choice of white, or pink, think of something that might be dramatic like black, which has a formal elegant feel but is still something that brings out her inner Angelina Jolie. Or if her favorite color is green, why not order one in green? Go online, find a quality retailer by typing in the keywords  like luxury bathrobes, spend a little more than the discount sites that sell the same thing as each other and offer free shipping. She is worth it, and you may find yourself the owner of a big pile of brownie points that can keep you going right through the rest of the year for nights out with the boys playing poker.

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