How Often Should You Wash Your Terry Bathrobes?

A high quality organic cotton terry bathrobe is a very comfortable and practical item of clothing that will keep you dry after your bath or shower and make you comfortable while you are lounging around the house. The 100% cotton terry fabric is made with hundreds of tiny loops and terry bathrobes are designed to absorb as much water as possible so that you will dry quickly and stay warm.

When you own terry bathrobes, you might be wondering how often you should wash yours.  After all, you are only wearing the bathrobe after your shower when your skin is clean so it shouldn’t really be getting that dirty. Do you really need to wash your bathrobe that often?

Washing Your Terry Bathrobes

Although your robes usually only come in contact with your freshly showered skin, it is still important to wash them frequently. Even when your skin is clean, it still sheds dead skin flakes on a microscopic level, which will build up in the fabric of the robe. This will invite little microscopic creatures to come and live in the fabric as well.

Also, if your terry bathrobes are left inside your humid bathroom or in a pile on the floor, this can create a warm and damp environment for mildew to start growing. The moisture held within the robe is also the perfect place for certain types of bacteria to lurk.

If you never washed your terry bathrobes, they would start to become unhygienic after a while and they might even have a smell. Every time you wore them, they would be depositing more bacteria onto your clean skin, which is not what you want!

Essentially, although terry bathrobes are much more comfortable and luxurious than towels, they perform the same function. So you should think about washing your bathrobe as often as you wash your towel, which should be around once per week or so.

When you clean your terry bathrobes weekly, you can ensure that they are clean and sanitary when you want to use them. They will keep your skin dry without making you even dirtier than you were before your shower!

Be Careful When Cleaning Your Terry Bathrobes

Of course, when you clean your terry bathrobes you should follow the correct washing instructions so that you know that you are washing them in the right way. If you wash your terry bathrobes incorrectly, such as putting them on the wrong setting, you can damage the luxurious terry fabric and make it less absorbent. If you have invested your money in a very high quality 100% cotton terry robe you want it to last a long time so that is why you should follow washing instructions to the letter.

Also, if your terry bathrobe ever gets stained (such as if you drip coffee on it while eating breakfast) it is important to get the stain out right away. Treat it with the right stain remover and wash it right away, so that the stain will not permanently set in the fabric.


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