Vacation Dress Code – Where Is It Appropriate to Wear Males Bathrobes?

One of the pleasures of being on holiday, whether you are staying at a luxury resort or enjoying a cruise, is the ability to simply forget about all your cares, sit back and enjoy yourself. Many of the activities on your holiday can be enjoyed in the comfort of your cozy bathrobes, so you don’t even have to worry about getting dressed. Some resorts supply you with complimentary bathrobes, but even if they don’t you can bring along males bathrobes from home so that you can relax in ultimate comfort. Wearing your luxurious and soft cotton bathrobe makes your relaxing getaway even more enjoyable.

Of course, when you are enjoying your vacation there are certain guidelines to when and where you can walk around in your males bathrobes. While it might be perfectly acceptable at the spa or at the pool, wearing your robe to the bar might make you guilty of committing a resort etiquette faux pas.

Here are some tips so that you will know when and where to cozy up in your ladies or males bathrobes on your vacation:

Where You Can Wear Your Males Bathrobes

When you are at a resort or on a cruise, there are many situations where it is completely appropriate to wear comfy ladies and Males bathrobes. For example, while on your way from your room to the swimming pool and back you can cover up your swimsuit with your robe and then leave it on your chair while you swim. It will help you to dry off so that you don’t drip everywhere on your return.

You can also wear your robe while visiting the spa. You might be wearing your underwear underneath or the spa technician might give you a t-shirt and pants to wear, whatever is appropriate for your treatment.

Of course, you can always wear your robe when you are relaxing in your room, especially when you want a break from wearing clothes all day and just want to put your feet up. It’s fine to answer the door for room service if you are dressed in your robe or even to lounge on your own private balcony while wearing it.

Where You Shouldn’t Wear Your Robe

While your robe is very comfortable and can be used for relaxing, it may not be appropriate to wear it everywhere in the resort or the cruise ship. If you are going for a drink at the bar it is probably a good idea to leave the robe in your room and change into some clothing. This is especially true if you are going to a have a meal in the restaurant, as it is considered inappropriate to be in a formal dining situation while wearing your robe.

You will also want to avoid the robe when enjoying any resort or cruise activities, such as games and sports, because it isn’t really conducive to being active and can be quite revealing!


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