Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Understanding the Difference Between Terry and Velour Bathrobes

When it comes to bathrobes, the buying decision for most us is dependent on how cozy we feel wearing them; however, the fabric and finishing process used are critical factors that determine whether a robe is appropriate for a particular climate or purpose. While shopping for a bathrobe, it is important to remember that terry and velour are not fabrics as they refer to the finishing process used to make a piece of clothing. These different types of finishing could be done on natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, etc.) as well as on synthetic fibers (like microfiber).

Be it terry or velour clothing, there are two main components to it: base weave and pile. The word pile is used here to mean the loops that come over the base. In a terrycloth, you’ll have uncut loops (mostly cotton is used as a fabric, though others could be used too) through double warp yarns. These long uncut loops are able to absorb large amounts of water making terry bathrobes perfect to be worn after a bath or a dip in the pool. Velour, also starts as a terrycloth, however, the top of the loops are removed through a process known as shearing. This lends a velvet-like smooth texture to velour which gives it a premium look that is often liked by many buyers. Though, shearing makes it less water absorbent than terry.

One critical point of distinction between terry and velour garments is that terrycloth absorbs a significant amount of water without being soggy or heavy. To provide premium look bathrobes to our customers which are also cozy & stylish, we have introduced a range of bathrobes that have double looped terry fabric inside and plush-looking velour outside so that you get the best of both worlds. These luxury robes come in various colors and designs so that you can experiment with different combinations.