Turkish Terry Cloth Bathrobes

We bet you think that a men’s bathrobe is just something that a guy puts on after showering at home. It can be much more than that, so let’s explore all the occasions luxurious Turkish terry cloth bathrobes can enrich his life. Consider how his demeanor changes when he is in his bathrobe. Likely he is in relaxation mode, not thinking of work, stressing out about things and ultimately  paying more attention to you. That’s a good thing, right?

So when you are both in your terry cloth bathrobes together, it can be early morning coffee together, or sitting in front of the fireplace together listening to some romantic music over a glass of wine. A bathrobe is informal, but think outside the box. Outdoor use may not have occurred to you, but if you have a pool, a hot tub, a boat or cottage from which you swim, these are occasions that not only are bathrobes functional and practical, but stylish if you monogram them with your initials, boat’s name etc.

So if he has a bathrobe worthy of showing off his sense of style, and incidentally makes a perfect gift,  choose the most trusted fabric a bathrobe can be made of, soft plush Turkish terry cloth.
Tisseron Design Studio is the world’s largest collection of luxury designer terry cloth bathrobes for women and men in the world. Here you find colors in earth tones, sculptured fabrics in 5 different fabric weights from plush to lightweight, delivered to your door by UPS, in a complimentary elegant gift box. Not available in retail stores, where the conventional wisdom is to stock uninspired designs for uninspired shoppers, Tisseron actually employs innovative  fashion design principles, even offers vertical ‘Slimline’  pockets instead of the bulky patch pockets you find on all other bathrobes, comfort is the operative word. Turkish cotton is absorbent, soft, terry cloth was invented in Turkey to service the bath culture there, has been  the best quality despite imitations from others countries like China.

When he is in ‘bathrobe’ mode, he will love to do it in a Tisseron bathrobe, now available in USA, exclusively at our boutique online.

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