Luxurious Spa Robes

Tips for Maintaining Quality & Fluffiness of Terry Bathrobes

Bathrobes are made for providing comfort with a touch of panache and they seamlessly perform this job every day for us. You might think that your bathrobe doesn’t require washing frequently and monthly washing is more than enough. But like any other article of clothing, they attract dust and dirt from the environment on regular basis. So your clean looking robe is actually not that clean and requires a full wash cycle approximately after every 3-4 uses. Some of the handy tips that can help in maintaining quality of your bathrobe for years to come are briefly discussed below.

Go Easy on Detergent

If you feel that your bathrobe has lost its softness and has developed roughness, then it could be due  to residual detergent trapped within the loops of your terry bathrobe. Using less than the recommended amount of detergent will make it easier to remove suds with a single rinse cycle.

It’s also good to pre-wash your new robe as any lubricant used in the manufacturing process will be rinsed; also, this enables the ground weave (under the terry) to shrink in making the fabric to tighten for providing high durability. Our men & woman terry bathrobes are pre-shrunk to provide a perfect fit every time you wear them.

Use Fabric Softeners Scarcely

Fabric softeners are excellent in lending softness to many fabrics, but they aren’t a good friend of bathrobes and towels. Due to the presence silicone-based compounds in these softeners the absorption power of the robe reduces as silicone is water-repellent (used as a sealer against water leakage). Hence, instead of using fabric softeners, make use of vinegar during the rinse cycle to get rid of residual detergent. Doing this once a month will bring back the softness of your robe.

Follow the Instructions Given on the Label

Things you should or shouldn’t do while washing your robe will be given on the label. Make sure that you follow them to prevent any damage to the fabric. Use cold water without using any bleach to wash your Tisseron bathrobes. Wash dark colored robes separately from the lighter ones as per the temperature mentioned on the label.

Importance of Proper Drying

Once done with the washing part, quickly remove the rob from the washing machine and put them in the dryer (or, outside for soaking some sun). Tumble dry at low heat to get fluffiness but do not over dry the robe. Also, remember that there is no need to iron the robe and folding it will be sufficient. You can also dry your robe first outside on the line and complete the drying process by quickly using the tumble drying at the end.