The Magic of the Mountains

There is nothing more magical than an escape to the mountains for your summer vacation. The majesty of the towering peaks, the beauty of the alpine forests and the freshness of the air are guaranteed to invigorate your soul and raise your spirits but do be aware of the weather. Whilst your spirits are rising the evening temperatures will be falling and you should pack accordingly.

Sunny days in the hills followed by evenings on your deck are an inviting prospect but the evenings can be decidedly chilly and it would be shame not to be able to enjoy the great outdoors as the sun is setting. Whether you are in a mountain cabin or a luxury hotel a plush bathrobe is the ideal accessory for a mountain holiday. Easily slipped on when the temperature falls you can continue to enjoy life al fresco in total comfort.

Many mountain properties incorporate a hot tub on the deck. Here plush robes are an absolute must when you have dried off after stepping out of the hot water into the cooler air. With a bathrobe at hand there is no need to get dressed again after your restorative trip to the tub you can just sit back and relax for the rest of the evening. Imagine a gorgeous robe like the women’s lightweight velour bathrobe pictured here just waiting for every evening. Soft and warm yet compact enough to travel, your bathrobe should never stay at home!

If you choose to stay in a hotel and the facilities include a pool or a spa then your robe will come in very handy indeed. You can walk to and from your room in your robe and slip it on and off when required in the spa. Your partner will enjoy the comfort and convenience of a plush bathrobe too so make sure they have packed theirs! If their wardrobe is lacking then surprise them with the gift of a men’s lightweight velour robe before you set off.

It is well worth making room in your case for your bathrobe when you take a vacation in the mountains. Packing your robe will maximise your opportunities to enjoy your surroundings and the facilities at your accommodation in comfort.