The Joys of Board Games In Your Terry Bathrobe

Most everyone has a bathrobe whether it be women or men, and the most popular and common choice is the terry bathrobe. If you are the type that likes to lounge and hang out in your bathrobe, invariably you will have to find ways to amuse yourself when doing so. There is a communal feeling when people get together to play board games, such as Trivial Pursuits, Monopoly, Scrabble,  or the like. If there is a holiday get together, this offers the perfect chance for everyone to interact across generations, because let’s face it, with smart phones and all the electronic distractions we have today, it is tough enough for the average family to sit down and eat dinner together. It is gratifying to see grandchildren playing with grandparents, and in bathrobes, you can rest assured that they will patiently play and enjoy it.

So the first order of business is to make certain everyone has a terry bathrobe, if not, then you will want to buy some for gifts which are very popular as they fit people easily, you can personalize them with their initials, they are practical because they will get used (other than hanging out playing board games) in such instances as poolside, or in the hot tub, at the chalet or cottage. Go online and search keywords like luxury bathrobes to find the retailers that can offer something in quality and selection that will exceed your idea of what a terry bathrobe can aspire to. Why is terry the top fabric choice in bathrobes? The looped terry is soft, plush, if it is 100% cotton it is absorbent right out of the water, even good over top of pajamas, terry is unique in that it was first invented by the Turks who have a prominent bath house culture, and they have readily available cotton grown in that country, and the looms and technology to create the world’s biggest terry cloth and bathrobe manufacturing industry in the world.

It has been scientifically proven that people play board games with more skill and satisfaction while in their bathrobes. Actually, that is not true, but who is to say that might not be the case, imagine the scene of Christmas morning, everyone has already exchanged presents, and the competition begins, grandma against uncle, etc. These are times that you will not forget, not only because they end up in the photo album, but because they are memories forever, a nice break from the everyday routine where the kids are playing sports or in school, parents are working, grandparents are wishing they could spend more time with the family, it is all happening now, and it won’t last forever when a Scrabble match in terry bathrobes brings you all together.

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