The Best Ladies Robes for the Winter Months

Recently we wrote about finding the right ladies bathrobes for summertime, but what choosing a bathrobe for the winter months? When the weather cools down and it starts to get snowy and cold outside, owning the right ladies bathrobes can be a real delight. You will have something to wrap yourself up in so that you can beat the winter chill with ultimate comfort.

The right bathrobe for winter is very different than the one that you might wear in the summer months. Your summer bathrobe is probably in a breathable, lightweight material that keeps you cool when you are wearing it while lounging beside the pool on a sunny day. It might also be quite thin, so that you can roll it up in your suitcase and pack it with you when you go on your summer holidays, such as cruising on your sailboat, at the cottage or at a vacation resort.

However, when it comes to choosing womens bathrobes for winter, it is an entirely different story. You will want to find a bathrobe that is very thick, warm and cozy and is made from a super-soft plush material. A winter bathrobe should swaddle you in ultimate comfort and keep you warm on chilly days. If you wake up in the morning and the house is cold, you can wear your robe while eating breakfast or getting ready as a more comfortable way to ease into the day.

Choosing Female’s Bathrobes for Winter

So what should you look for in winter ladies bathrobes? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Terry cloth ladies bathrobes are one of the best choices for winter because looped cotton terry is very absorbent and will help you dry off very quickly after a bath or a shower, so you will not get chilled.

  • Another option is a terry velour robe, which is made with absorbent terry on the inside and soft, velvety velour on the outside. These robes are a great combination of absorbent and luxurious.

  • A robe with a ribbed or wave weave design will probably feel thicker and more substantial, therefore warmer, as a winter bathrobe.

  • Look for robes that have a shawl collar, such as our Zig Zag Weave Terry Cloth ladies bathrobes. The shawl collar design allows you to extend the cover up around your neck and really snuggle down deep into the robe to keep yourself warm on those icy winter days.

  • Make sure that when you are ordering your robe, you measure your size accurately and you order a robe that will be big enough to wrap around you comfortably. You want to be able to overlap the robe as it wraps around you so that you stay snug and cozy inside.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing the best ladies bathrobes for the cold winter months. Click here to see our selection of cozy and warm velour and luxury terry bathrobes.

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