Terry Robes and My Quest for Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit

In my quest for health, happiness and total harmony of body, mind and spirit, I have taken to swimming laps at the local pool every second day. Taking time to get in regular exercise can be a struggle but I keep my plastic carry-all basket packed with my swimsuit, terry spa robe, soft towel and basic beauty essentials so that I can be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

I really cannot stress enough just how much easier it is to fit in regular exercise with a little bit of attention to organization. Keeping this carry-all basket on hand has changed my attitude to heading to the pool, as has my fantastic terry bathrobe which serves as a wonderful cover-up for poolside relaxing.

The convenience of the terry cloth bathrobe also needs to be shouted from the mountain top! I am not a huge fan of talking about laundry (boring!) but I am so happy to report that any terry robes from our range are a quick dry, no fuss option to take along to the pool for a quick cover-up. Of course they get slightly damp as you wear it from pool to the shower, however when you get home, pop it on a coat hanger and place on the line (or even a breezy part of the house) for an hour or so. It will be dry in no time and you can place it in your bag/carry basket by the door, ready for your next swimming session.
Apart from being organized, the only other tip I wish to impart to anyone considering taking up regular swimming is please invest in a good skin moisturizer! Within two swimming sessions I noticed an immediate drying of the skin. I am now using a beautiful shea butter based cream and my skin has returned to its usual soft self. Ah it feels so good to be looking after me!

So check out our gorgeous terry robes as the perfect cover-up by the pool. All soft, all top quality. Just a small warning about our terry robes- they will make people stare with envy! They are certainly the best available online for comfort, value and great looks. So go ahead and treat yourself. Happy swimming!

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