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Why Terry Cloth Bathrobes are Unique

Terry cloth is one of many fabrics that garments are made from and it is unique in that terry is designed to be most importantly absorbent, which is unusual as one can think of few other fabrics with so specific a purpose. Terry is looped so that the moisture is quickly absorbed, and it is most often used in the manufacture of athletic sweatbands for the head and wrist, or for towels of every purpose like bath towels, beach towels, or even those little towels golfers have on the golf club bags. There are plenty more similar uses, but when it comes to the most efficient and widely used application, terry cloth bathrobes are at the top of the list.

For good reason, terry cloth bathrobes have the utility of immediately drying someone when they are finished showering or bathing, some people prefer using a bathrobe instead of a bath towel. The comfort and ease of use, no worries about wrinkling, wash and wear convenience of terry cloth is a foregone conclusion, we take it for granted, because you appreciate it more if you have a bathrobe made from another fabric. There are silk, cashmere, flannel, many others that are not as comfortable and functional as a 100% cotton terry cloth bathrobe. These days the bathrobe retailers offer other fibers, some natural like bamboo, others artificial like the soft fleece robes made of plastic, maybe even recycled plastic soda bottles, for those ecologically conscious folks, but cotton is king, organic even better. The Turks were the first to invent and manufacture terry cloth and to this day Turkish terry is synonymous with quality that surpasses that from other countries, organic cotton is grown using pesticides that are not chemical based to rid the crops from insects that eat the raw cotton.

Today, the choice of cotton terry cloth is wide, in many different fabric weights and types of weaves made on computerized jacquard looms, when you search online you will find that the terry bathrobe has evolved design wise to offer something more interesting than the run of the mill hotel robe, often a poly/cotton hybrid that is unadorned with trim or color as it is designed only to withstand the constant industrial washings until it falls apart and must be replaced. You the consumer likely look to find a perfect gift, something better than the Amazon bathrobe for $49.95 that offers free shipping.

Search luxury bathrobes online, you will find something surprising in terry cloth bathrobes, in terms of choice of color, weave, and in velour.

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