Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Terry Cloth Bathrobes – How is Terry Cloth Made?

What is terry cloth?

Terry cloth is a very thick textured fabric that is super absorbent. This absorbency makes it the perfect fabric for terry cloth bathrobes and toweling. It is generally made of 100% cotton or polyester-cotton and can be manufactured in various weights from lightweight to very dense and luxurious. The difference in weight is a result of the number and length of the loops in the fabric. As a rule, the heavier the fabric, the more moisture it can absorb and the more luxurious it feels.

Really good quality terry cloth is made of 100% cotton as polyester is not an absorbent fiber. The synthetic may improve the ease of care and reduce the price but if you are looking for a superior product go for all natural fibers. For items such as terry robes and toweling that will be used against your bare skin you want to go organic and luxurious. We all love the feel of a soft fluffy robe when we step out of the shower, right? If you get a high quality terry robe you may never want to get dressed!

How are terry cloth bathrobes made?

Terry cloth is made using cotton threads; in our case we use 100% organic Turkish cotton for the highest quality.  The threads are woven in a special manner to create loops in the fabric. It is a type of pile but without cutting the loops as you would see in velvet or velour. Every other row of the weaving process is looped giving you a thick luxurious cloth on both sides. The next row or rows of the weave is not looped so it will lock the looped rows in place. When making cloth for terry cloth bathrobes and towels these loops are woven into both sides of the cloth giving you soft absorbency on both sides of the fabric.

Many designers use a plain terry cloth fabric when creating their terry robes. The best terry bathrobes are made from fabric that is thick and dense enough to sculpt into patterns such as a ribbed texture or zigzag pattern or even to have it shaved into velour on one side and looped terry on the inside. These may cost a little more, but when you are looking for a quality terry cloth bathrobe that will last years, the little bit extra expense is well worth the money.

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