Looking for a Perfect His and Hers Wedding Gift

So two of your best friends are getting married and you are looking for a gift to give them on their upcoming wedding? One of the nicest and most luxurious gift ideas is to present the lucky couple with a his and hers set of bathrobes. This is a great gift for a married couple and it will bring them many years of luxurious comfort.

Most of the other gifts that the couple will receive will be practical items, such as dinnerware, vases, toasters, furniture and other household items. Your gift will stand out because it is a comfort and an indulgence as well as being practical. On one hand, his and hers terry bathrobes provide something comfortable to wear while lounging around the house. However, on the other hand they are much cozier and more enjoyable than wearing a towel or a sweater.

Here at Tisseron we offer a wide range of males and females terry bathrobes that are sumptuous, soft and snuggly. They are made with 100% cotton terry, which is highly absorbent and will quickly soak up the water on your skin after a shower or a bath. We also have robes that are made with a soft velour fabric on the outside, so that they have a huggable soft finish that is like wrapping yourself in a blanket.

Your newlywed friends will be excited to take their new stylish robes on their honeymoon, wear them to the spa and wear them at home. This will be a thoughtful wedding gift that they will get a lot of comfort and enjoyment from and cherish for many years.

How to Choose His and Hers Terry Bathrobes

When you are picking out bathrobes as a wedding gift, it is a nice idea to have them match or at least coordinate in some way. This symbolizes the bond that the couple has together and makes it a very thoughtful and personal gift.

However, you don’t want to simply pick out the same  unisex bathrobe and order two of them, as the bathrobe might be flattering on the groom but not the bride or vice versa. Their bathrobes should be similar in some ways but should also be suited to their own styles and body types.

For examples, when choosing bathrobes for her you can look for a robe that has slim-fit styling and a flattering shape that will highlight her curves. You might want to consider the way the shape of the collar will look on her female body and where the belt will tie. Another consideration is the small details such as trim and pattern that make the robe appear more feminine.

When it comes to choosing bathrobes for him, you will want to look for a masculine robe with a simple cut. Make sure that it is designed for a man and has enough room in the chest and shoulders.

These two his and hers robes, while different in cut and style, can be linked together by having the same color, embroidery, monograms or other details, so that they make a coordinated set.


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