Bathrobe Etiquette for a Visit to the Spa

When you go to the spa for a treatment, such as a massage or a sea salt scrub, you will usually be given luxurious terry bathrobes to wear. The terry bathrobes keep you warm and cozy in between your treatments and make it easy for you to slip off your clothes for the massage. It means that your massage therapist will have easy access to your muscles and your clothes will not risk getting massage oil on them.

However, when the spa attendant puts you in the room, gives you the robe and instructs you to change, how do you know what to wear underneath your terry bathrobes? Should you take off everything or should you leave your undergarments? If you are not familiar with the spa experience or the specific treatment, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Don’t let your questions and confusions about terry bathrobes disrupt the relaxation of your lovely day at the spa. As a general rule to follow, if someone at the spa gives you a robe and allows you time to change they probably don’t mind if you are in your birthday suit underneath the robe. If you are having a massage with hot oil or a body scrub, your underwear can be permanently stained by the massage oil anyway so it is best not to wear it.

Don’t worry, the massage therapist isn’t going to be peering under your terry bathrobes and checking out your naked body. They are professionals, like your doctor and they are looking at your body in a totally non-sexual way. Also, most of the time once you slip off your terry bathrobes and lie down on the table, the therapist will drape a sheet over you so that only the areas that they are massaging, such as your back or arm, are exposed.

If you are really not sure, don’t be afraid to phone your spa therapist before your treatment and ask about what to wear.

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