Why Are Cotton Terry Bathrobes So Absorbent?

If you have ever worn terry bathrobes before you will know just how incredibly absorbent they are. When you use this type of bathrobe or towel, it will be very efficient at soaking up all the excess water on your skin after a bath or a shower and making you feel instantly clean and dry. No matter how dripping wet you are after washing, the terry cloth always seems to soak up all the water without getting soggy or damp.

How Terry Bathrobes Work

How does this work? Why are terry bathrobes so fantastic at soaking up water and making you warm and dry? The truth is that this fabric was designed to soak up water and is specially crafted for its absorbency. When you buy terry bathrobes, their design is made for soaking up the most water possible so that they will try you off effectively after a shower or a bath.

How Do Terry Bathrobes Work?

In good quality terry bathrobes, the cotton will be able to absorb seven or eight times its own weight in water and it will be able to soak moisture away from the skin. One of the main reasons that this fabric is so absorbent is because of the tiny loops that make up the structure of the fabric. The loops are created because the cotton fabric is threaded together with multiple sets of yarn in a lengthwise direction which helps to create the loops, or piles.

These little tiny loops of fabric act like sponges, soaking up water and absorbing it away from the body. The more small loops there are within your terry fabric, the better the terry bathrobes will be at absorbing water. To put it simply, the multitude of loops increases the surface area of the fabric which makes the fabric much more absorbent.

This type of fabric sometimes made with knitting, but weaving is the most common method for manufacturing commercially produced terrycloth. Handmade terrycloth is incredibly time consuming to make, so it is usually made on and dobby loom which makes the production process a lot easier.  Making this type of material with the thick loops requires more thread and fabric and it also makes it heavier.

Care for Your Terry Bathrobes

When you own terry bathrobes, it is important to care for them properly so that they do not become damaged. One of the problems with terry cloth is that when the loops become caught on something they can be torn out, which will eventually tear out all of the other loops behind them. This is why you should take good care with your terry bathrobes so that you don’t snag them on sharp items. Also, follow the washing instructions that come with your terry bathrobes so that you can make sure that the fabric stays in good condition.

Cotton terry bathrobes are one of the most absorbent fabrics that you can use, so why not wrap yourself in comfort after your next bath or shower?


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