Terry Bathrobes for Couples

Most men do not like to wear women’s clothes, especially their wives clothes. Most women do not like to wear men’s clothes, especially their husband’s. When it comes to terry cloth bathrobes, sometimes the difference in a gender specific bathrobe is indiscernible. If the women’s bathrobe is pink, then that might be where he draws the line in the sand, conversely a masculine color does not resonate with the woman. If the couple is of the same gender, it might not matter.

But when it comes to terry cloth bathrobes, matching his and hers can be a luxurious gift for both of them.  Initially you might think that it looks too cute to have matching, but they actually do not have to be the same color,  but if they are, you might opt to have them embroidered with their initials so they can tell them apart when they are hanging from the hook in the bathroom or poolhouse. Likely you can get different sizes for each gender, as the ‘one size fits all’ might not work for them.

If you are stumped as to what to buy a couple for a special occasion, terry cloth is a safe choice, as it is likely 100% cotton which is absorbent, soft, and functional for after bath or shower, poolside, in the hot tub or on the boat. If the couple uses the terry cloth bathrobes outdoors, then you may want to consider a darker color that hides any soil or stains, and attracts the heat of the sun more so than white. Lightweight velour is a new option whereby you have the velvety touch of velour but still the softness and absorbency of looped terry on the inside, great for warmer climates or for those people that just prefer to have a lighter ‘drape’ or weight hanging from their shoulders.

Look online for luxury bathrobe retailers, go to www.tisseronbathrobes.com for the world’s best selection of luxury terry bathrobes, where you will find a better choice than the chain stores at all price points, and you can choose embroidery, and it can be shipped directly to the recipient or to yourself. This is a practical yet luxurious gift, as everyone has a bathrobe, or needs a new one, and many couples would not on their own purchase matching ones for themselves.

Terry cloth was invented in Turkey where the bath culture has existed for centuries, here the cotton is legendary for its softness and absorbency, the loops wick the water from the skin. Try to avoid polyester blends as it does not breathe and tends to smell musty after use.  When you buy for two people, you can rest assured that there will not issues that they have to share their favorite terry cloth bathrobe, enjoy!

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