Terry Bathrobes and Slippers Make Any Day Better

Some days are better than others, some days you remember all your life, often not for good reasons.

The best occasions are landmark days like when you got married, engaged, had your first child, your birthday that ended in a ‘0’ where you were completely surprised as your husband got all your out of town friends and relatives to show up for that milestone celebration. But, other days occur when nothing seems to be going right, the kids are sick, or your job is becoming too much, you might have crunched the fender on your car against the neighbor’s car when backing out of the driveway.

So, how to make any day, good or bad, seem better? Get in that terry bathrobe and stay in it all day. This means that you have done one of two things, either you raged against the inevitable forces by taking up arms against a sea of troubles, or you have just simply thrown in the towel and said’ I am taking the day off in my bathrobe and slippers, and I don’t care what the world thinks’. For this endeavor, you get to feel like you do on those days when there is a crippling blizzard and the roads are closed, and you are helpless like everyone else who cannot get their car out of their driveway, the kids schools are closed, everyone just hangs out together and watches the perfect winter scenery and makes the best of the situation, and is actually enjoyable until you realize you have slipped a day behind on your ‘to do’ list and have to work even harder to catch up. Oh, well, you can’t beat being perfectly comfortable in your plush terry cotton bathrobe.

But wait, you say you have always wanted one but don’t have one. You still have the housecoat from that chain store you got as a gift years ago? OK, here’s the plan, go online and type in luxury bathrobes or Luxury women’s bathrobes and find the retailers that offer something better than the typical $50 robe on Amazon, or what you would find at the department store chain at your local mall. Find the Turkish organic cotton terry velour shawl collar robe, in some cool colors, they are out there if you look. Then, decide on a fabric weight, plush or lightweight, or something in between, in a jazzy sculptured terry jacquard weave, so you’ll look good  on those days you check out of the rat race and chill out.

Here is a great idea, while you are at it, buy one for him, so you can spend some quality down time together, you might even put some cucumbers on his eyes to get him to sit still and join you for the day. Slippers are optional but do manage to further the mood, even if they are hideously ugly.

Now, maybe he had a bad day, and you have managed to make his day better too though he might rail against the cucumbers, but you get the message, it is like camping out in your own house, a’ stay-cation’, put the smartphones away, you might connect on more than a terry bathrobes level.

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