Spa Robes Help Transform Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

The range in costs to go to a spa is a wide spectrum, from the day spa that will do nails, or a massage, to a full blown multiple overnight experience-destination featuring special cuisine and exercise regimens.

Whatever you spend there, it  is likely as wide ranging with what one can do to create your own spa experience in your own home, but at home you get to enjoy it repeatedly, and you make it exactly to your own taste. Blow the budget, whatever you decide.

On the lower end, the most obvious choices begin with exotic oils, scented candles, handmade soaps, facials and masks. The choice of retailers is huge that offer these home spa essentials or you can opt to make them yourself from the many spa and beauty treatment recipes available.

But moving up the expense curve, choose towels that are plush and make certain to get great spa robes. Everyone has a bathrobe, but don’t cheap out on these two items because you want your spa to have that special luxurious feel.

When it comes to decor, de-cluttering the room will help you achieve the purpose of your spa which is to de-stress. Lighter colors or white tend to be calming and soothing.

  • Don’t forget mood lighting whether it be a multitude of candles or a light with a dimmer switch.
  • Invest in a great shower head, think of all the water pressure that you are not unleashing if you have a cheap one, even multiple heads from different angles.
  • Special hooks or shelves for your spa robes and spa products
  • Heated towel racks for those cold mornings
  • Heated floors in tumbled stone tiles
  • Consider a claw foot tub, or a modern soaking tub with whirlpool or Jacuzzi.
  • Steam sauna units are now reasonable, a glass door to replace the high maintenance shower curtain.

If space allows, try a plush chair, or a chest of drawers which offers another horizontal surface to decorate with a flower vase or spa goodie basket.

Music, via mini speakers or an Ipod docking station, or go the distance, get a wall mounted TV and never leave the bathroom!!

Whatever you opt for, it will pay dividends and then some. Relax.  Enjoy!

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