How to Find the Right Size of Bathrobes for Men

When you are selecting bathrobes for men, one of the things that you will need to determine is what size to get. Everyone is different in size and shape, so size really matters when you are buying a bathrobe. A bathrobe that is too large will be too baggy on you and might slip around or be unflattering. A robe that is too small won’t cover you and you will not be able to wrap it around yourself to keep warm.

In order to get the right size of bathrobes for men, you will need to measure yourself before you make your order. It’s not too difficult to measure yourself before purchasing a bathrobe. You will need a measuring tape, a pen a paper and perhaps someone to help you make some of the tricky measurements.

Making Measurements for Buying Bathrobes for Men

There are two very important measurements to make when buying bathrobes for men and they are the length and the sweep.

The Sweep

The sweep is a measurement that refers to the extent of the bathrobe around your waist. On the garment the sweep is usually measured by laying the robe flat with the seams matched up, measuring it from end to end and then doubling the measurement.

Two bathrobes with different sweep measurements can look similar but the different can make them fit very differently on your body. To figure out if a bathrobe you are considering buying online is large enough for you, mark out the sweep measurement on a measuring tape and then put it together in a circle. If that circle is large enough to fit comfortably around you, it will be the right size.

Keep in mind that you will want the bathrobe to be able to overlap, so factor this into your measurements. For example, if your waist is 40 inches around and the sweet is 56 inches, you will have 16 inches of overlap to wrap the robe around yourself.

The Length

The other important measurement you will need to know when ordering bathrobes for men online is the length. This is how long the robe is from the middle of the neck down to the bottom edge.

There are several different lengths of bathrobes available, depending on the style that you prefer. Some people like to wear a long bathrobe but others like short ones which only come down to the knee or thigh.

If you want to figure out if a bathrobe you are looking at will fit you, take the length measurement and mark it out on a towel or a cloth. Put the towel up against your body and see how far down it goes. Does it cover your knees, hang down to your ankles or barely cover your thighs? If you like the length then you will be able to order online.

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