Robes are the Perfect Gift For Her

Here is the conundrum, what should I buy for her?

Everyone loves a good robe. The perfect gift, the bathrobe is not a size specific garment like other garments, it is easy to determine sizing because there is a large ‘forgiveness’ margin in robes, people do not mind having it a little roomy.

The idea of buying a bathrobe for her likely precludes buying something pink, frilly or sexy. But, that does not mean that it has to be boring.  But, are there wow’ factor’ robes to choose from that are superior to the plain bath towels with sleeves that are indistinguishable from the rest of the pack?

Tisseron Design offers the world’s largest collection of elegant European style designer bathrobes in organic cotton for women and men.

Order online and it arrives in a complimentary giftbox, and you can create your own message to her with the handwritten giftcard. But, the best part is the choice of fabrics, colors, that will convey your love for your Mother.

Embroider her initials to personalize the robe, it is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

One can consider alternatives like flowers or chocolates, which do not last long, the bathrobe will remind her of your love for years to come every time she puts it on.

Choosing The Size When Purchasing  Robes

Though bathrobes are an easy fitting garment that are not as size- specific as other garments, some bathrobe vendors offer ‘one size fits all’. Look for online vendors that offer a choice of sizes, on their website they should tell you the dimensions of the bathrobes for women and men, what the actual weight of the robe is, and give typical and practical examples of ‘if someone is 5’6”, then the robe will go to mid-shin’.  With a little effort to determine approximate sizes of the recipients, one might order a robe beforehand to ascertain what will fit whom. You can always return it, that is the easy part with online shopping.

The best tip to determine the best size to order for someone is this.

Measure their old bathrobe! But, the old robe’s size tag might say ‘Large’ but bathrobe sizing is not standardized. The most critical measurements the length of the robe, it may be 48”, 52” long or more. The length is determined where the back of the neck seam that is attached to the collar, runs down to the hem. This will tell you if the robe falls to the ankles, below the knees, mid-shin etc.

Look for sizing help like that appears on the website on every page in the lower left corner.

Medium 48 inches (122 cm)
•    For someone that is 5’4″ this extends to just above the ankles
•    For someone that is 5’8″ mid-shin
•    For someone that is 6′ just below the kneecap
All Medium robes are 48″ long with 56″ sweep, top of sleeve length 23″, shoulder seam to seam 23″.

Large 52 inches (132 cm)
•    For someone that is 5’8″ this extends to just above the ankles
•    For someone that 6′ mid-shin
•    For someone that is 6’4″ just below the kneecap
All Large robes are 52″ long with 60″ sweep, top of sleeve length 24″, shoulder seam to seam 24″.

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