Popular Terry Robes

Tisseron offers the world’s largest collection of terry bathrobes for women and men, in organic cotton, from their design studio and of the 30 styles and color combinations in this elegant and exclusive selection, there are certain terry robes that are very popular.

The Massachusetts based retailer now ships directly to the USA and the bathrobes are available only from their online boutique.They offer styles that are very different and superior to any others in the bathrobe world, whether you search online or in physical retail stores .

As people tend to prefer plush terry over lighter weight, Tisseron offers 2 styles that are best sellers. The Ribbed robe is available in Medium and Large, for women and men, and is the most expensive robe at $155, but worth every penny. This robe has looped terry on the inside, is 18 ounce fabric which is very plush, and weighs in at 4.4 lbs. It has a ribbed weave that is the result of a jacquard loom, actually lighter in weight than if there were no ribs, making the fabric more pliable for a better ‘drape’ or ‘hang’ . The outside is velour, which has a velvety feel. The loops are actually shaved off in the manufacturing process, whereas they remain intact on the other side of the fabric, inside, where the loops can touch bare skin to absorb moisture. Likely the most elegant looking terry robe available, it is offered in various colors with complimentary braid trim, in 2 sizes, Medium and Large. The dimensions and size advice are available to help you make your best size decision though bathrobes are not size specific like other garments, which is why they are perfect gifts because of the size forgiveness. Most people like a roomy bathrobe.   Tisseron robes feature vertical ‘Slimline’ pockets that are not bulky like the common patch pockets everyone else offers. A small nod to innovation that results in a more comfortable robe.

The robe is shipped by UPS and arrives in an elegant  complimentary gift box.

For men there is a Waves terry robe. The weave is the result of a unique jacquard loom that is a full 21 ounces per yard. You will not find a more substantial robe than this. 21 or 22 ounces is at the very top of the plushness scale. This robe is double looped terry inside and out, whereas other robes Tisseron offers are velour on the outside. This weave is not only visually stunning, but like the Ribbed robe mentioned above, it is lighter in weight than if the fabric was solid. The waves are like vertical ribs, and is certain to satisfy any man that wants a substantial weight, in Medium and Large. The choice of 4 colors are beautiful.  The Waves arrives at your door via UPS in an elegant complimentary giftbox.  Tisseron says their robes are unlike anything you have ever seen before, they have brought the terry robe into the design age.

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