Pool Robes

Pool Robes are better than towels

So you have a great backyard pool that gets lots of use, and you possibly have a little pool shed or cabana where you keep towels for the kids and adults. Likely, you do not use white or light colored for outdoor use for obvious reasons. Here is an idea instead of the ubiquitous beach towel consider bathrobes, or we can create a new term, pool robes.

Keeping the sun off you, which we are all more conscious of now, is one good reason to consider pool robes. They are also great for keeping warm after exiting the water making the pool robe the perfect poolside accessory. When you are finished, hang it up so it dries out, and to eliminate the possibility of mustiness,  and consequent odor. Make certain you get 100% cotton terry robes, but go for the darker color that will hide stains and they are warmer in the sun than reflective white. If you are eating and drinking in them when it is time to grab something to eat, no worries of wine stains, food stains, bird bombs, you could even BBQ in them!

Now, depending on where you live, and in what climate, there are lightweight velour robes you can find online that offer softness and absorbency but will dry more quickly than a plush robe. And lounging poolside in a robe curled up in your pool robe with a good book, a coffee, or both can be a day in paradise.

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