Can You Judge a Resort By Its Plush Robes?

Going on a vacation at a luxurious resort is a fantastic experience and a great way to unwind. For a week or two, you don’t have to worry about anything other than what type of cocktails to order at the poolside bar. You can soak up the sun, eat great food and sleep in as late as you please. At an all inclusive resort your every need will be catered for and you can relax with ease. The important thing is to find a truly superb resort that offers you the best quality service and the most relaxing experience. One of the ways that you can tell whether a resort has this attention to detail is by looking closely at the plush robes that they offer their guests.

Plush Robes – An Indicator of Quality

Can you really tell so much about a holiday resort by their plush robes? In fact, you can. Whether or not the resort supplies its guests with high quality luxurious plush bathrobes is an indicator of how much attention they pay to the small details of the guest experience. If you notice that the plush robes are of superior quality, you can be assured that the rest of the experience will be just as luxurious.

If you notice that the bathrobes at the resort are lacking in quality, are damaged or stained in any way, or just feel cheap and not luxurious, this can be a red flag. What other areas has the hotel or resort scrimped on and will they affect your stay? Perhaps to cut corners, the resort also has inferior bedding, mediocre food or a lack of skilled customer service staff.

If you are paying budget prices for your vacation, you can expect that the robes will not be the most luxurious. However, when you pay top dollar for the best experience it should be excellent down to the last detail, including the plush robes.

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