Put on Plush Robes, Take a Break and Pamper Yourself

Our daily lives can involve a lot of stress as we run around fulfilling all of our responsibilities and performing our important tasks. No sooner have you emerged bleary-eyed and blinking from bed than you are rushing to make breakfast, get the kids dressed and off to school on time, clean the kitchen and get to work yourself. After a long day at work, the non-stop action continues with afterschool clubs and classes as well as tidying, organizing and cleaning the house and making dinner. By the time you finally check off all the items on your to-do list, you are really ready to put up your feet, slip on your plush robes and relax after a packed-full day.

Tune Out or Tune Into Your Body?

However, what we often tend to do at this point is zone out in front of the television or computer and let our brains go numb, rather than treating ourselves to some truly powerful and effective relaxation. Just hypnotizing your brain with mindless stimuli will not have the same effect as taking a short break to deeply relax. The next time you are feeling exhausted after a long day, there is something that you should try instead. Draw yourself a hot bubble bath and light a few candles. Lock the door to the bathroom and turn off all your cell phone notifications. Ask the rest of the household not to disturb you unless it is an emergency. Slip into your plush robes and pretend that you are at a high end resort. You can even put on your favorite music if you like. Take the time to soak in your soothing bath and clear your mind of all stress. Focus on your breathing and let your body fully release the stress of the day. When you emerge, wrap yourself in your plush robes and you will feel totally energized and recharged. Give it a try and you will see the difference it makes!

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