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Plush Robes or Lightweight Bathrobes – Which is the Best Gift?

When it comes to buying gifts, plush robes are a popular choice. What does ‘plush’ mean? Often, people think of plush in terms of a substantial terry cloth fabric that is soft and absorbent. But there are different fabric weights, and when shopping for bathrobes, one will encounter terms like ’14 oz terry’

What does plush robes mean?

When you see a number like 14 to describe in ounces the fabric weight, it means that the fabric is 14 ounces per square yard. This may mean little to the shopper, but the higher the number, the heavier the fabric. So when comparison shopping, if you want plush robes, an 18 oz (18 ounce per square yard) is a heavier fabric than 14, by approximately 25%.

Some robes go as high as 22 ounces, a very plush robe, but can be to the point of being too heavy. There is a metric equivalent called ‘GPM’  meaning grams per square meter, which typically  ranges from 300 gpm (lightweight) to 600 gpm (plush) again the higher the number, the heavier the fabric.

On the  website it is explained on every page.

When buying a bathrobe for yourself or someone else, keep in mind that people that live in warmer climates tend to prefer lightweight bathrobes. But, ask yourself this. Are you wearing it indoors? The reason to ask is this.  72F indoors is the same in winter in Minnesotaas it is in summer in Phoenix. 72F is 72F. So it is not about the temperature then it is likely the feel and ‘drape’ or ‘hang’ of the robe. Some people do not like a heavy garment weighing on their shoulders. On the Tisseron website, the actual weight of the robe is posted for each style. Our most substantial robe can weight 5 lbs, that is a lot of cotton!

Should you buy plush robes or lightweight bathrobes?

It is often thought that women and men have different preferences for ‘plushness’ in their ideal bathrobes, but this is not true, it is an individual choice. The best reference when buying a robe as a gift for someone, if you are replacing their existing robe, see what robe they currently have. this will tell you if they prefer plush robes or lightweight bathrobes. If you are not surprising them, just ask their preference!

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