Luxurious Bathrobes

Taking the Stress Out of Finding the Perfect Gifts for Women

Plush Robes = The Perfect Easy Gifts for Women

For the all the guys that obsess about and get stressed out over finding the perfect gift for their ladies, here is a tip. Ask yourself ‘What is the worst thing that can happen if she does not like it?’

Would she leave you? If the answer is ‘Maybe’ then you have more to worry about than gifting. But, if she does not like it, likely she will want to return it, and you at least get ‘A’ for effort. The old saying is ‘It is the thought that counts’ holds up over time, but you will get an ‘A’ plus if you come up with something really good, that indicates you put some thought into it, and showed some effort and imagination. The pressure of the approaching deadline can be really stressful especially if you have no clue what to consider.Get the process started early, and not procrastinate, that  is the key.

Often, browsing online can get those creative juices going in terms of ideas that you might not have considered. Depending on the occasion, if it is her 40th birthday and you come up with flowers or chocolate, something predictable, you may not get to go to the poker party with the boys next week.

But jewelry for her can be a minefield, and something too practical like a new vacuum cleaner is not going to fly. A spa treatment at that new boutique hotel is good, but lasts only that day.

So, if you are thinking of something that is practical yet luxurious, can be used repeatedly and gives pleasure and comfort  consider a really nice bathrobe. No, not a pink frilly one like the lingerie that you bought one year that was good for a laugh but never really got out of the drawer. A plush robe that she can put on right out of the bath or shower is super easy to buy. While you’re at it, buy some nice bath essentials, soaps, oils,  make it into a theme, and you can’t go wrong. Get it embroidered with her initials and find a vendor that offers giftboxes or wrapping, and you have it all covered.

Then the following Sunday she is OK with you watching football all day while she is enjoying a spa day in her new plush robe; everyone wins.

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