Giving a Plush Robe is Like Sending Her a Hug in a Box

You are stumped as to what to buy for her for that special occasion, and then the light goes on. Chocolates are great but she is trying to keep a lid on the calories. Flowers are great, but they last a week, maybe 2, then it is a distant memory.

Aha!  She loves her bathrobe, but it is time for a new one, the old one has seen better days. Not to mention, it was a boring white terry hotel robe whose only distinction was an embroidered logo, who needs to be a walking billboard for that hotel chain? And, you know the size of the  bathrobe she currently uses, so it should be easy to find another the right size, a plush robe doesn’t need to fit perfectly, that is one of the things that make them an easy gift to buy for someone.

She is not a pink and frilly type, and  lingerie like you bought one year ended up in the drawer forever. If you could find a cotton terry bathrobe that is really nice, something with a little pizzazz, maybe a nice color, plush but not too heavy, and if it comes in a nice giftbox, you will have piled up enough brownie points to be let off the leash to go play poker on Wednesday nights with the boys. It will be like a hug in a box, thanks for all the things she does, managing the kids lives, and maintaining a career too. She needs the time to unwind in a nice plush robe, so you don’t want to get something ordinary, you are willing to spend a little more. Even embroider her initials to top it off.

You think that it should be easy to find one, but it is not as easy as you would have thought. You go to the local mall to shop for one. You look online, the choice is overwhelming.  But, with a little diligence, you find a website that has elegant plush robes, beautiful  giftboxes, and even a complimentary giftcard where you can put on your special message to her. She will love this, and it will be delivered right to your door.

Boys, deal me in, I will be there for poker Wednesday night.

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