Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Plush Robe – Improved Comfort and Relaxation

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting out of a warm relaxing shower and then being met with an even more comfortable and relaxing plush robe?  The feeling is truly second to none; having one certainly beats meeting the cold air outside of your shower as you frantically rush to put on your clothes.  When you have one you can take your time as you slowly get out of the shower not risking a fall and injuring yourself.

The feeling of relaxation and comfort after a nice hot shower doesn’t abruptly end but continues on for the duration you keep this luxurious garment on.  Your robe dries your body while retaining heat keeping you warm and looking great!  Fashion always changes with new trends popping up daily but our product is always fashion savvy.

Since the early 1800’s these robes have been used by fashion icons, actors/actresses and politicians for their great looks and comfort.  You’ll be amazed at the comfort a plush robe can provide you and will soon start regretting all the precious time you wasted without one.

A robe also ensures that you won’t be seen in the nude when coming out a shower to get dressed.  This is especially perfect when you live with roommates or when you live in a co-ed dorm room but regardless of where you live it ensures your privacy will be kept.

Luxury is something synonymous with a robe, something that you immediately associate with a plush robe.  These robes are also luxurious pieces of cloth made with high quality materials in order to ensure you have a perfect experience bathing experience.

However our products aren’t just great for showers you can also use them in the mornings after getting up.  Waking up before getting dressed many of us like to get coffee, read the newspaper and even plan the day with our loved ones.  Sleep nude? Our robe is perfect for early mornings as you carry out your chores be it feeding the pets, getting the newspaper or waking up the kids.

Once you start wearing our robe you won’t need a reason to wear it you’ll just love it so much that you’ll wear it all the time.  You’ll find yourself coming home and running to your room to put on your robe or maybe you’d like to reserve it for special occasions.  Regardless of your choice, an investment in a plush robe is a great investment nonetheless

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