Personalized Bathrobes Make Unique Corporate Gifts

Personalized Bathrobes – Corporate Gifts With a Statement of Luxury

The occasion in the professional or corporate environment when gifts are considered can range from incentives, congratulations on promotions, length of service, or reaching outside the company to thank clients or suppliers for a job well done. The corporate gift choices are extensive.

The range can  include a watch for 30 years of service, tickets to sporting events, framed prints, baskets of spa essentials, edibles, wine glasses, electronic s, hobby oriented specific gifts like golf clubs, the list is endless but appealing to men and women alike can be tricky.

There are many companies that offer a wide range of personalized gifts from the humble coffee cup on up. But, think outside the usual parameters, be unique and show your creativity. If you want to appeal to men and women equally, think of something that they will actually love, a gift that everyone will use and is easy to buy because sizing is not an issue like most apparel. Yes, you guessed it, the luxury bathrobe! The key word here is ‘unique’.

Find an online retailer that offers gift boxed personalized bathrobes. You will not find bathrobes in the many incentives/gifts websites or catalogs, mainly because those sites keep their prices low to appeal to the ‘caps and pens’ crowd who are more budget conscious. Even the higher priced gifts typically are the same old things, a leather attaché, a desk clock, etc.

To make the ultimate statement with the luxury bathrobe, have it embroidered  with  the recipient’s initials on the robe to personalize it or emblazon it with your company logo. Gone are the days when bathrobes are just white bath towels with sleeves like you find in hotels. There are now some designer bathrobe vendors online offering personalized bathrobes in sculptured terry, trims, colors that you could not find in the past.  Female recipients are especially thrilled, but men are too because typically luxury bathrobes are not something that they would buy for themselves.


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