What To Look For in Robes For Women

When you are looking for robes for women, the personality you are buying for is a big consideration. If she likes the vampy sexy look, then a robe that is sheer or silky that shows off her statuesque profile is a good choice, this probably encroaches into  lingerie territory, and can be a choice that risks this being something that does not get used all that much once she receives it and tells you how much she loves it just so she does not hurt your feelings, as you thought it was a great buy that flattered her. Continue reading

What To Look For In Robes For Men

So you want to buy him a good bathrobe because the one he has now has seen it’s best days, and he is kind of embarrassing himself and you with wearing that old hotel robe with holes in it. So you want to make a good choice when you search robes for men, and you go online looking to find a quality garment that will fit him and be comfortable. Continue reading

Luxurious Bathrobes

Why Terry Cloth Bathrobes are Unique

Terry cloth is one of many fabrics that garments are made from and it is unique in that terry is designed to be most importantly absorbent, which is unusual as one can think of few other fabrics with so specific a purpose. Terry is looped so that the moisture is quickly absorbed, and it is most often used in the manufacture of athletic sweatbands for the head and wrist, or for towels of every purpose like bath towels, beach towels, or even those little towels golfers have on the golf club bags. There are plenty more similar uses, but when it comes to the most efficient and widely used application, terry cloth bathrobes are at the top of the list. Continue reading

How To Buy Male’s Bathrobes

This seems like an easy question with an obvious answer. You have decided that he needs a bathrobe, to replace that old one from college, or you are looking to find the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day. Or birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hannukah, whatever the occasion, finding bathrobes is straightforward and easy. But, finding a great one is tougher. And it will cost more, but if you want something special instead of the ubiquitous terry robe for $49.95 on Amazon ( free shipping included!) read on. Continue reading

Terry Robes and My Quest for Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit

In my quest for health, happiness and total harmony of body, mind and spirit, I have taken to swimming laps at the local pool every second day. Taking time to get in regular exercise can be a struggle but I keep my plastic carry-all basket packed with my swimsuit, terry spa robe, soft towel and basic beauty essentials so that I can be ready to go at the drop of a hat. Continue reading

Turkish Terry Cloth Bathrobes

We bet you think that a men’s bathrobe is just something that a guy puts on after showering at home. It can be much more than that, so let’s explore all the occasions luxurious Turkish terry cloth bathrobes can enrich his life. Consider how his demeanor changes when he is in his bathrobe. Likely he is in relaxation mode, not thinking of work, stressing out about things and ultimately  paying more attention to you. That’s a good thing, right? Continue reading

Bathrobes for Women

In the bathrobe world there is soft, and then there is really soft. Depending on how she wears the robe, is important to determine. If she likes a housecoat that she wears over top of other clothes like pajamas, and is not touching her bare skin, then that is a different use than if she wears the bathrobe right over her skin while exiting the shower. Softness in this case is really important. There are a wide choice of soft bathrobe fabrics, polyfleece is very soft, but a plastic fiber that does not absorb water, and cannot breathe, so it traps odors. The reason that cotton terry has been the fabric of choice for centuries, where it was invented in Turkey to service the bath culture there, is because it is soft, legendary for absorbency, it’s loops wicking the skin dry if you are wet. Continue reading

Bathrobes For Men – A Luxury The Modern Guy Must Have

When a guy is in his bathrobe, chances are he is not thinking about his job, his favorite sports teams, or the everyday responsibilities that tend to stress him out. Actually, that is typical of anyone that is in their bathrobe. That person is in relaxed state sipping coffee on the back deck, reading the newspaper, or just lazily getting the day started and in no particular hurry to do so. He may even pay more attention to you. Continue reading

Personalized Bathrobes

Personalized Bathrobes Is an Easy Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

So you are scratching your head trying to figure out what gift to get and it is not easy because the recipient  has just about everything.   Not unusual in this day and age, the checklist is long, as you try to discern a possibility from a long list of sporting goods, personal grooming items, clothing, collectibles, consumables like wine, gift certificates to restaurants/retailers. But you do not want to buy a gift that is useless and never gets used just for the sake of buying it. Continue reading