Celebrities Seen Wearing Bathrobes for Males in The Movies

Bathrobes for males are so cozy and comfortable that is it no surprise that so many of Hollywood’s hottest A-list actors have been spotted wearing them. Sometimes these actors wear their robes in a film, or sometimes they lounge around in robes while relaxing on set or taking a day off. With their suave Hollywood style they always make bathrobes for men look sophisticated. Continue reading

The Best Ladies Robes for the Winter Months

Recently we wrote about finding the right ladies bathrobes for summertime, but what choosing a bathrobe for the winter months? When the weather cools down and it starts to get snowy and cold outside, owning the right ladies bathrobes can be a real delight. You will have something to wrap yourself up in so that you can beat the winter chill with ultimate comfort. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Color of Males Bathrobes for You

man should have the luxury of stepping out of the shower into warm and soft terry Males bathrobes. Rather than using a flimsy towel to dry yourself, these robes are much more effective and they add to your comfort and relaxation. Having luxurious mens bathrobes gives you the freedom to roam around the house wrapped up in comfort and they are wonderful for keeping yourself warm on chilly winter mornings. Continue reading

How Often Should You Wash Your Terry Bathrobes?

A high quality organic cotton terry bathrobe is a very comfortable and practical item of clothing that will keep you dry after your bath or shower and make you comfortable while you are lounging around the house. The 100% cotton terry fabric is made with hundreds of tiny loops and terry bathrobes are designed to absorb as much water as possible so that you will dry quickly and stay warm. Continue reading

Reasons Why Robes for Ladies Are Better Than Towels

When you step out of the bath or shower and you are dripping wet and cold, there are two ways that you could dry off. You could use a towel or you could wrap yourself up in a fuzzy 100% organic cotton terry bathrobe. Terry bathrobes for ladies are very absorbent and they are able to wick away all the water on your skin to get you dry in an instant. But why is wearing bathrobes for ladies better than using a towel after your shower? Continue reading

Bathrobes for Males – A Gift for the Hard-To-Buy-For Guy

Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, much to the frustration of their significant others. Many men like practical things such as tools, sporting equipment and electronics, but if they want or need these things they usually go out and get them for themselves rather than waiting around for Christmas or their birthday. Also, they are quite particular about the make and model of these important items, so it if difficult to shop for them if you don’t know much about their hobby. When it comes to gifts for her man, sometimes a girl can really be stuck. However, that is where bathrobes for males can be a great idea. Continue reading

Terry Bathrobes Offer You Some Big Advantages

When it comes to choosing bathrobes, the type of fabric that is used in the robe is quite important. The fabric will affect the way that it feels against your skin and how absorbent it will be. There are many different types of common fabrics to choose from, from silk to pique to velour, but one of the most popular fabrics is Terry cotton. Terry bathrobes are really quite wonderful to wear and they offer a lot of advantages. Continue reading

Vacation Dress Code – Where Is It Appropriate to Wear Males Bathrobes?

One of the pleasures of being on holiday, whether you are staying at a luxury resort or enjoying a cruise, is the ability to simply forget about all your cares, sit back and enjoy yourself. Many of the activities on your holiday can be enjoyed in the comfort of your cozy bathrobes, so you don’t even have to worry about getting dressed. Some resorts supply you with complimentary bathrobes, but even if they don’t you can bring along males bathrobes from home so that you can relax in ultimate comfort. Wearing your luxurious and soft cotton bathrobe makes your relaxing getaway even more enjoyable. Continue reading