Put on Plush Robes, Take a Break and Pamper Yourself

Our daily lives can involve a lot of stress as we run around fulfilling all of our responsibilities and performing our important tasks. No sooner have you emerged bleary-eyed and blinking from bed than you are rushing to make breakfast, get the kids dressed and off to school on time, clean the kitchen and get to work yourself. After a long day at work, the non-stop action continues with afterschool clubs and classes as well as tidying, organizing and cleaning the house and making dinner. By the time you finally check off all the items on your to-do list, you are really ready to put up your feet, slip on your plush robes and relax after a packed-full day.

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Tips for Buying Monogrammed Plush Robes

Monogrammed plush robes are wonderfully luxurious and they are a fantastic item of clothing to have. Not only does the thick and absorbent plush terry fabric keep you warm on the chilly mornings when you wake up or get out of the shower, the monogram will make you feel like pampered royalty. It is such a treat to have something that is especially yours that you can wear and enjoy. Continue reading

Do You Leave the House in Your Males Bathrobes?

There are two types of people in the world, those who will wear their bathrobes out of the door and those who wouldn’t be caught dead doing so. The first type of people will defend their right to wear the bathrobe anywhere they please, as it is an unbelievably comfortable article of clothing and keeps them warm and cozy all day long. The other type will feel that womens and Males bathrobes have a time and place and that is within the home, wearing them outside is inappropriate and a little bit tacky. Continue reading

Luxurious Males Bathrobes Will Help You to Start Off the Day Right

As you have probably realized by now, often the very start of your day will affect how the rest of the day unfolds. If you wake up in a good mood and have a pleasant and relaxing morning, you will be able to take on the day with a better attitude and be much more productive. However, if you wake up stressed and have an un-enjoyable morning, your attitude will carry through for the rest of your day. Everything will get you down and make you just want to go back to bed. Why not ensure that all your mornings start out great by wearing comfortable and luxurious mens bathrobes? Continue reading

Why Terry Bathrobes Make Great Bridesmaids Gifts

You are getting married and you have chosen the very best of your sisters, cousins and best friends to be your bridesmaids. The role of the bridesmaids is very important and they will do a lot to facilitate your wedding, so it is tradition to thank them with a special bridesmaid gift. What can you give your bridesmaids that will show your appreciation and commemorate the special day? Why not give them some beautiful monogrammed terry bathrobes? Continue reading

How to Give Yourself a Luxurious Spa Day at Home

What could be more luxurious and relaxing than a day at the spa getting pampered, preened and soothed in comfort? However, the only thing that isn’t relaxing about a day at the spa is the price. You would think that the spa robes they gave you to wear were made of gold thread with the amount that some spas charge! Also, the spa isn’t always open when you need it to be and sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment when you want to. Continue reading

Bathrobe Etiquette for a Visit to the Spa

When you go to the spa for a treatment, such as a massage or a sea salt scrub, you will usually be given luxurious terry bathrobes to wear. The terry bathrobes keep you warm and cozy in between your treatments and make it easy for you to slip off your clothes for the massage. It means that your massage therapist will have easy access to your muscles and your clothes will not risk getting massage oil on them.

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Bathrobes for Ladies – Show Your Natural Side

Being a woman holds a lot of allure and mystery and most of the time when you leave the house you will have spent some time carefully constructing your appearance. You will be wearing makeup, have your hair done, be sporting a push up bra and maybe even high heels. Your outward appearance will be a put-together and polished version of yourself that conveys to the world exactly what you want to convey. However, bathrobes for ladies are for when you want to shed that exterior and show your natural beauty. Continue reading