OMG Women’s Bathrobes

Tisseron Breaks Through Women’s Bathrobes Boredom

‘Oh my god’, I have never seen women’s bathrobes like these! I did not know any retailer sold robes like these!

Can you imagine anyone getting excited about bathrobes, except us at Tisseron? You have looked for bathrobes in the past, and it was a discouraging search in that all the retailers online or physical stores sold the same old thing. They certainly did not match the elevated taste that you expect when you have purchased other things you love, like that favorite handbag, shoes, the particular pattern in the Carrera stone in your bathroom that all make your sense of style a personal statement.

But, you get on the Tisseron Design Studio website, and you see earth tone colors, sculptured terry velour in organic cotton, with complimentary trim, in styles that you never thought you would see because bathrobes are something that the design revolution did not reach, until now. Now, available in USA but employing elegant European design principles. Tisseron has redefined what women’s bathrobes can be, it is the largest collection in the world. Exclusively available online from their boutique only, not through chain store resellers like Nordstrom or Saks.

Tisseron ships to your door by UPS, in a complimentary elegant gift box, and personalization with monogrammed initials is available. When you want a ‘wow factor’ gift that will impress and express your sense of style, for any occasion, for women and men, the practical luxury of a Tisseron bathrobe is an easy choice, as bathrobes are easy fitting, forgiving garments that most people like roomy, and love to be in as long as possible.

When you become a Tisseron fan, spread the word, it reflects on your sense of style. You have found the perfect gifting solution!

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