Bridesmaid’s Bathrobes Create a Splash at Spa Days

When it comes to preparing for a wedding well let’s face it, it can all get a tad stressful and out of hand at times – not  just for the bride but also her mother and, especially, her bridesmaids (we can forget about the groom at this point as he’s probably ‘given everything over to the bride anyhow’ in delighted resignation).

So what better way to relax in preparation for the Big Day and to get everyone back in a giggly and sunny mood again than to organise a special spa day? That way you’ll all get to hang out together, swap stories and just generally get the hype to take a hike.

Brides can make their spa day extra special by choosing that moment to hand over their lovely ‘thank you’ wedding day gifts – in this case, monogrammed bathrobes containing the bridesmaids own initials. The main idea here is that the bathrobes all get christened on the same day and everyone has some special memories to take home with them. It’s a whole lot better than handing over a gold bracelet for instance which, after the grand event, simply tends to languish at the bottom of a jewellery box amongst dozens of similar items anyway.

With Tisseron’s help bridesmaids will instead appreciate the beautiful and luxurious 100 per cent organic Turkish cotton snuggle-up gifts long after the Big Day. They’ll wear their bathrobes when they’re at their most relaxed such as lying around the house on a Sunday morning or, more probably, pampering themselves on a Saturday night with a glass of bubbly in hand. In fact the girls will probably all find themselves wearing them while swopping gossip over the phone (think Carrie in Sex and the City). A nice touch is to do some research beforehand and get Tisseron to have the robe’s monogrammed in the bridesmaid’s favourite colour.

We can promise too that both bride and bridesmaids will look mighty fine in their gifts as all our bathrobes are preshrunk to ensure precise fitting. So get the sizes right, which is easy, and they’ll be a perfect fit (which is important as often bathrobes can precipitate romance, which in turn precipitates a wedding and, here we go again…

Meanwhile, at Tisseron we even supply special complementary gift boxes with greetings cards in which to wrap the lovely mementos. A favorite for spa days is the lightweight fine woven non-terry Pique fabric bathrobe which, rather neatly, has a braid trim, cuffs and lovely, decorative shawl collar. These are also great for pool parties where previous Tisseron bridal customers have hid their bathrobes under each bridesmaid’s individual sun lounger. From the bridesmaid’s point of view it’s almost worth all the hassle…

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