Bathrobes – The Value of Personalization

What is the value of having a bathrobe embroidered with your initials? Certainly the fact that your bathrobes are personalized doesn’t make them any more absorbent or comfortable? So why do so many people choose to pay a little bit extra for bathrobes?

Having Something Special of Your Own

There is something very valuable in owning an item that is especially yours and no one else’s. It gives you a feeling of prestige and importance and automatically makes the item more precious. By treating yourself to bathrobes you are putting your stamp on the item to ensure that no one else can make a claim to it.

This makes it not just “a bathrobe” but “your bathrobe” instead, giving it very personal and special quality.

Monogrammed Bathrobes Look More Prestigious

Another reason for the value of bathrobes is that they simply look more prestigious. The difference between an ordinary bathrobe and a high end luxury robe is the little details, such as the weight of the fabric, the softness of the cotton, the tailoring of the robe itself, the embellishments in the design and the quality of the stitching. It is in these details where you can distinguish between a bathrobe bought at the department store and a high end luxury robe. Another one of these little details is most certainly the monogram.

High end quality bathrobes are each individually embroidered to ensure the best quality. It is this finishing touch that really makes them different from just an ordinary robe.

In the end, it is up to you whether the slight additional price is worth it to have  bathrobes rather than a bathrobe without embroidery. Many people choose to treat themselves to bathrobes and value the extra finishing touch of personalization.

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