Mens Bathrobes- Reasons Guys Like Luxury Bathrobes

Tisseron makes men of the boys when it comes to mens bathrobes

In the world of bathrobes there are His and Hers although here at Tisseron we’ve found of late that there’s definitely more ‘His’ flying out the shop door than ‘Hers’.

What’s with the huge uptake in luxury mens bathrobes we wondered? But not for long. After doing a quick survey around the shop and with a handful of customers we came up with the following conclusion:

Reasons guys like luxury mens bathrobes

  • It’s a great (and easy) way to get their girlfriend to snuggle up to them

  • They can answer the door quickly and without embarrassment on Saturday/Sunday mornings

  • Long robes hide their knobby knees (we don’t mean it guys – honest)

  • They can look quite the sophisticated gent in their thick 100 per cent cotton luxury bathrobes

  • More men than ever before are going to the spa or private gyms and prefer to take their own bathrobe rather than use a ‘general’ robe

  • It saves them having to do any washing for the weekend (again, we’re just kidding guys!)

  • They can look rather sexy wrapping themselves up in a luxury bathrobe having just stepped out the shower

  • What else are they going to wear when they need a midnight wee on a boys golfing or camping holiday?

  • More men than ever before are living alone and taking care of themselves so treating themselves to a luxury bathrobe makes sense

  • Mens bathrobes have become much more stylish in recent years

Here at Tisseron we can certainly agree with the last point. Our own exclusive range of mens bathrobes has increased in both quality and popularity since we’ve been in business.

Sitting in the luxury market, Tisseron men’s bathrobes are all produced from 100 per cent organic Turkish cotton. With more than 30 different bathrobes in six different styles to choose from we always find something to impress our male visitors. Our biggest selling collection to date is the Windowpane design which comes in two colours (more men choose this when buying for themselves. Women, for some reason, seem to prefer their men in a bathrobe from one of our plain white ranges).

And talking of the plain white ranges, the lightweight bathrobes with trim are particularly popular amongst men working or when holidaying abroad in warm foreign climes (the trim adding a very classy touch we reckon).

So, are you a man reading this who has decided to embrace the mens bathrobes trend? If so, why? And what’s taken you so long?!

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