Stylish Bathrobes with Different Colors

Tisseron Redefines Men’s Bathrobes

If you were to ask guys what garment they wear that makes them most comfortable, it might not be one that anyone sees them in outside their home. More often than not, Men’s bathrobes will be their answer. When they have one on, they feel that they are in relaxation mode, and though it might not be seen by others, outside one’s own family. That does not mean that the boring old bathrobe has to be  plain and uninspiring. Expect better when you go to buy one.  Look online, and you will see the same old thing at many of the retailers websites, waffle weave, white terry, fleece, etc. Why can’t you find men’s bathrobes that have some design sensibilities?

The big name designers have better things to do with their time designing others things, but if you want an ‘OMG’ moment in which you see bathrobes that are unlike anything you have seen in retail stores or online, then you must be on the Tisseron website. They offer colors, sculptured terry cotton velour with trim, with innovative features like Slimline tailored vertical pockets instead of the bulky patch pockets other bathrobes feature.   Your mind starts to think of the possibilities for gifting, because all your loved ones will want to have a Tisseron bathrobe for any gift-giving occasion you can think of.

Who would have thought that finally someone designed bathrobes that actually match the aesthetics that you hold so dearly that give you great pleasure when you use them, like the way the leather interior of your car is so supple, the marble in your bathroom is so rich looking. Tisseron Design Studio is now available in USA, offering elegant European designs comprised in the largest collection in the world of luxury organic cotton bathrobes for women and men. You will not  find better designs in the stores like Saks or Nordstrom, and Tisseron is available from their online boutique only, not available in retail stores.

In many different fabric weights, in sizes medium and Large, you can have them personalized and shipped to your door by UPS, is it not time to raise your style quotient indoors as well as outdoors with a luxury Men’s bathrobes from Tisseron?

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