How Luxurious Do Your Lazy Sunday’s Get?

Luxury bathrobes for lazy Sunday lounging

On Wednesday evening two of us here from the Tisseron bathrobes team were out meeting with friends and the topic came up of how we liked to spend our lazy Sundays (well, it was mid-week and the reality seemed such a long way away so we felt the need to fantasise).

Most of those fantasies centered on lying around (either in bed or on the sofa) digesting the gossip (ladies in the company) and the business/sports updates (males) contained in our lovely thick Sunday newspaper supplements.

Yes, the answers were all a bit predictable but if it works for you, why knock it? And anyway, it was a unanimous choice! Further, not one of us admitted to getting dressed before 1pm (we’d already had breakfast and some of us liked to lunch in our robes too).

So, how were we attired up to that point in our fantasies, I wondered (this shouldn’t surprise you – me being the interested salesperson of luxury bathrobes company Tisseron as you are no doubt aware, having arrived upon this blog post).

Well, we were all of course wrapped up in our lovely bathrobes and sporting a variety of footwear – some of us admitted to wearing slippers, others big, fluffy socks. No one, it seemed, was too concerned about their footwear. They were, however, pretty fussy about their bathrobes (much to my delight!)

That’s because the bathrobe has, it seems, taken on the mantle of housecoat these days (ie clothing we wear around the house for hours on end and confidently flouting in front of our loved ones). So, the discussion turned to the need for some pretty nifty and alluring luxury bathrobes. None of us, it seemed, were keen on sporting something threadbare with several week old tea stains and the odd splodge of rubbed-out jam on it.

It got me thinking about the bathrobe I’d choose from our current collection. At the moment I’m wearing a Tisseron bathrobe I’ve had for two years now – it’s still looking great so I can’t justify throwing it out and asking the boss for another one.

So, what would I choose from the new range? My own personal favourite is the white zig zag weave. I’ve already had a try on and I love wrapping myself up in all its wonderful plush velvetiness (it’s 100 percent organic cotton). It weighs a luxurious 3.8lbs and, of course, I’d make sure I’d have my own initials monogrammed on it (specifically to deter my other half from nabbing it!).

How about you? What would your dream luxury bathrobes look and feel like? And tell us too – what does your lazy Sunday entail? We’ll put the best answers up on this blog

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