Luxury Bathrobes – Celebs in Bathrobes

Tisseron tracks down the celebs who refuse to be parted from their bathrobes

Here at Tisseron bathrobes we were amused – and rather heartened it has to be said – to note that UK singer and celeb Pixie Lott loves the luxury and comfort of her favourite bathrobe so much that she actually wore it to rehearsals for a concert in London’s plush Royal Albert Halls earlier this month where she was later to perform in front of thousands of fans for a charity concert.

The pretty 21-year-old turned up for the sound check not just in her bathrobe but also her slippers! Makes our own rather embarrassing early morning forays out to the shops or the quick dash on the school run in our bathrobe seem rather tame in comparison.

So, it got us to thinking… what other celebs love their bathrobes so much that they can’t part from them – even when they know the paparazzi are lurking?

Well, there’s former UK – and now US – fashion queen herself Victoria Beckham who last month actually tweeted a photograph of herself in her, it has to be said, rather fetching, luxury white towelling bathrobe complete with glass of bubbly in hand (a rather favoured pose of our own!)

And it doesn’t stop there. Far from it, in fact. Other bathrobe-clad celebs we uncovered  in our investigations (for work purposes, you understand) included  Rhianna (although it’s a little bit naughty)

And how about Transformers star and Victoria Secret’s model Rosie-Huntington Whitely who likes to hang out with her actor boyfriend Jason Statham in matching white fluffy bathrobes? The pair were spotted by the ever-present paparazzi at a hotel in Miami at the beginning of this year.

Meanwhile, going back a bit, remember Beverly Hills, 90210 star Shannen Doherty & Ashley Hamilton’s nuptials? Probably not. But in 1993 the troubled actress walked down the aisle barefoot and wearing only a silk bathrobe. The marriage lasted a mere five months although it had nothing to do with the bathrobe, rather some threats and a pistol we later learned!

Ok, enough gossip. We’ve given you plenty of evidence, we reckon, to conclude that celebs love luxurious fluffy bathrobes as much as the average American. Which brings us rather neatly – and cunningly – to our current range…

For women we’ve a choice of 30 different robes in five distinct and rather luxurious styles. We actually have the largest organic designer Turkish cotton collection in the world no less! Why not take a look for yourself? Be warned though – you’re going to find yourself browsing for quite a while…

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