Pack Lightweight Bathrobes for Your Cruise

Some  Cruise Lines offer complimentary use of bathrobes as a reward for repeat customers or you may have use of one only if you have paid premium pricing for your first class cabin. Therefore, if you do not have use of a bathrobe you should consider the many advantages of having one onboard. Instead of using valuable space in your suitcase for your everyday robe consider a lightweight bathrobes that fold up to the size of a shirt or sweater.

Here is why you want lightweight bathrobes. Sitting on the balcony in the morning watching the ocean go by is the most obvious. You’ll also need it to keep you warm or prevent sunburn when lounging on the deck. It also serves that same purpose when you go to the pool.  Now, you cannot wear it to dinner, that’s where they draw the line!

It is handy to answer the door for room service or to wear to spa treatments. You may find if you don’t bring one that you will end up paying double to buy one from the cruise line anyway.  Many cruise lines offer logo-emblazoned pool towels and bathrobes for sale. If you take the ones left in your cabin for use during the cruise your onboard account will be charged for them. Typically they offer the run of the mill waffle weave robes that are lightweight but will not last long from machine washing, so look to buy better quality online before the cruise.

Type in ‘lightweight bathrobes velour’ in your online search and you will be surprised at the better quality you will find instead of the cruise line fare. But if you feel that the cruise logo makes it all seem better for you and reminds you constantly of that great week on the seas, bon voyage and happy cruising.

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