Do You Leave the House in Your Males Bathrobes?

There are two types of people in the world, those who will wear their bathrobes out of the door and those who wouldn’t be caught dead doing so. The first type of people will defend their right to wear the bathrobe anywhere they please, as it is an unbelievably comfortable article of clothing and keeps them warm and cozy all day long. The other type will feel that womens and Males bathrobes have a time and place and that is within the home, wearing them outside is inappropriate and a little bit tacky.

To Wear Males Bathrobes Outside, Or Not?

To be fair, both sides of the debate have a good point. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong about taking out the trash, picking up the mail or sweeping the front walk in your womens or Males bathrobes. After all, you are only going to be outside for a few minutes, so why take the time to get dressed when you are just relaxing at home. Some Males bathrobes are really quite high quality and luxurious, so they don’t look as scruffy as wearing pajamas.

However, some people take the bathrobe-as-outerwear idea a little too far and wear their robes to the local corner store, to the supermarket or to drop their kids off at school. Although this is still generally accepted as poor social etiquette, it is becoming more and more acceptable. In the past it would be unheard of to leave the house in pajamas, but these days more and more people are bending the rules of fashion in the name of comfort.

What if this trend continues into the future? If it does, perhaps at some point in the future womens and Males bathrobes will become a socially accepted piece of outerwear that is commonly worn while going around town and completing errands? If that day does come it might be slightly unusual, but at least everyone will be able to go about their day in ultimate comfort.

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