Large Collection of Bathrobes at Tisseron

In this age of environmental responsibility, one should be informed about organic cotton and how it is different than cotton that is grown conventionally.

Tisseron Design uses only 100% organic Turkish cotton for it’s organic cotton bathrobes collection for women and men.

Quite simply, organic cotton is grown in fields that are rotated and left fallow in certain years to allow the soil to recoup their nutrients and fertility. Cotton is subject to weavils, insects that consume the fiber, and pesticides are used to combat this. Organic cotton employs bio-pesticides, meaning that they do not contain harmful chemicals, this practice is a more expensive process than using conventional pesticides, therefore organic cotton is slightly more expensive in making garments than other cotton. To be certain the customer is getting organic cotton, the label on the garment will indicate this, but this is not ironclad. The vendor should have a certificate from the supplier that the various accredited international environmental agencies have bestowed on the supplier to the vendor to ensure that the cotton production methods meet the guidelines to be certified ‘organic’.

There is a grey area here, in that the question beckons ‘How do I know that the cotton this garment is made from came from organic fields?’ The answer is that you cannot be certain, there is an element of trust involved. Tisseron Design offers the certificate from it’s Turkish supplier

There is no difference between the end product made of organic  cotton or otherwise, it looks and feels the same. But, cotton is a good environmental choice.

Some bathrobes that are made of polyester, (also the same as terms like microfiber, polyfleece) from recycled plastic bottles or whatever, is a good environmental choice as well, but not the ideal fiber for absorbency or breathability in a bathrobe as it traps odor- causing bacteria.

Regarding cashmere bathrobes, overgrazing by cashmere producing goats has turned Mongolia’s grassland prairies into dustbowls resulting in dust storms reaching as far as California, an environmental disaster and for that reason  Tisseron Design will not offer cashmere,  because not only are bathrobes much superior products for bathrobes, but are a more responsible consumer choice than cashmere.

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